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My Top 5 Items -  June 2018

My Top 5 Items - June 2018

June is the gateway to Summer!

One of my more popular blog posts was a roundup of my favorite items, so I thought I would continue doing these roundups monthly! Below is a list of my favorite items for June that range from items that I use for myself and Ethan. 

1. Moleskin Daily Journal 

I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately and this journal has been my BFF. I l love that it's small enough to fit into my purse so I can jot things down if I'm out and about. Something about writing down my thoughts has been good for me. I find that in life we go through different seasons, and sometimes the current season you’re in requires more of your attention. A journal has been key for me during this season in my life. This one pictured below is on sale at Chapters for $20 CAD.


2. Ethan's Summer Water Table

The weather is FINALLY warmer so we have been spending a lot of time on our deck and this table keeps Ethan busy for hours. I like that you can actually put sand on one side and water in the other! This table comes with a couple of accessories so we added a few more sand and water toys to keep him occupied. We also scored it for more than 50% off, so that was awesome! He absolutely loves it! (Ps: yes that is my version of a man bun, haha!)


3. Ethan's Nike Free Kicks 

I was looking for light, non-skid runners for Ethan and I went to so many stores, however, nothing fit the bill. These toddler Nike Free runners are so amazing for his little feet. I like the fact that they are super easy to slide on, really lightweight and they look pretty cool! It's so weird but I rarely look at prices when I buy clothes for Ethan because I want him to have the best of everything but I'm cheap when it comes to myself! This has got to change ASAP! These kicks were $55 CAD.


4. Wolfgang Puck Bowls 

I have been doing some baking lately (ahem - full fat chocolate chip banana bread - haha) and these non-scratch, non-stick bowls are AMAZING! They have a silicon bottom for a no slip mix! They are easy to wash, relatively inexpensive and look pretty! I received them as a gift but I found them online and they are only $35 CAD.  They come in 3 different colors and I have the red ones.


5. Estee Lauder Night Repair Serem

I have to admit, I haven't been sticking to a regular night time routine. I've missed a few days per week especially this last little while as I have had so much going on. BUT when I remember, I put on this Estee Night Repair Serum and it works wonders. My skin feels so soft and looks blemish free in the morning. It’s a bit on the pricey side but I figure since it's my face, it's okay to spend the extra $$$.


What are your most used items this month?

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