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Super Delicious Banana Bread

Super Delicious Banana Bread

“All sorrows are less with bread. ”-Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Banana Bread is one of my favorite loafs! This simple Banana Bread recipe will be the best that you've ever had! I guarantee it :) (well… at least I think so!). Thanks to my girlfriend for this amazing recipe that I cannot get enough of. My son Ethan is gaga for it and I have to hide it from my husband because he is completely obsessed! I normally like to make healthy baked goods but Chocolate Chip Banana Bread is my favorite! Seriously, it's little bits of heaven in your mouth!


I know we all throw our very ripe bananas away but don’t do it! Throw them in your freezer as overly ripe bananas is the secret to making the best Banana Bread. Make sure you put them in the freezer with the skin on.

You can substitute the chocolate chips for any type of nuts or not add any at all. I personally like my Banana Bread with lots of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

P.S.: This 8-piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set with Silicone Bases by Wolfgang Puck is my absolute favorite! One of the bowls is pictured below. 

Below are all of the ingredients you will need as well as the full reciepe and instructions. 

Banana Bread.png

Seriously though, How CUTE does my little man look! I can't get enough of him! He is such a little character and brings me so much joy!



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