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Shop Local! Christmas Gift Guide

Shop Local! Christmas Gift Guide

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy local!

This isn’t your traditional gift guide as I feel like there are tons of those out there. Being born and raised in Vancouver, BC, I wanted to highlight local business that have amazing items that you will love for yourself or to gift to others. The older I get, the more and more I realize how important it is to support local business. Compared to chain stores, locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy, enriching the whole community. This benefits you the most!

Below are a few of the local companies that I absolutely adore! (and so does Ethan!).

Naked Snacks

Naked baby eating Naked Snacks…it doesn’t get better than that, haha! Who doesn’t want to eat delicious snacks without the guilt? What I love about Naked Snacks is that they don’t sacrifice the taste to be healthy! These make the perfect present as you are giving the gift of food without the added sugar. Ethan has been obsessed with these snacks and I love that as he’s a picky eater. All of their products nourish the body and mind, giving you improved energy levels and increased focus for when you need to be awesome!

The best part of Naked Snacks is that they give back! For every box they deliver, they donate a healthy snack for a hungry child at school. Snacking with them makes a difference in Canada! What an amazing reason alone to support them! We love them all but our favorite is the Maple Praline Almonds.


Freeyum Snacks

Okay so these snacks are the most kid friendly snacks that we have tried! FreeYumm bars and cookies are made with natural ingredients in a dedicated bakery where the top eight priority allergens are never allowed. These are perfect for kids in daycare and at school.  There are no unhealthy fillers and they taste amazing! They leave out the artificial fillers that some gluten- and allergen-free products include to lower costs or make up for lack of flavour.


Ethan has been obsessed with the banana maple cookies! These would seriously make the perfect stocking stuffers! Ps: How cute does Ethan look so cute in his little plaid Robe!

IMG_1066 (1).jpg

Nude Vodka Soda

This was my go-to alcoholic drink over the Summer! Nude Vodka Soda is a sugar-free, sweetener-free, and gluten-free alcoholic beverage with only 100 calories per can. (who doesn’t love a low calorie drink that still tastes amazing?!) Nude is made with triple distilled vodka, sparkling water, and all natural fruit extracts and essences. I love that they come in a few different flavors so there is something for everyone. They taste so crisp and refreshing without that odd aftertaste that some low calorie drinks have.


The best part of these drinks is that they include no sugar which equals no hangover, haha. Rather than gifting wine at Christmas, why not try something different!  If not, these make for the perfect drink when you are hosting a party!

Flavors: Strawberry Kiwi, Cucumber Mint, Classic Lime, Peach

Flavors: Strawberry Kiwi, Cucumber Mint, Classic Lime, Peach

House of Jude

Who else has used Turkish towels? I didn’t realize how amazing they feel on your skin! They are super soft, absorbent, and they dry quickly. They can roll up to be very compact making them perfect for the pool and for traveling. I love that the mama behind House of Jude identified a gap in the industry and created something that works for not only her, but everyone else! If you have a child, the hooded towels are so great! I personally would LOVE to receive more of these as a Christmas gift. They not only feel great but look so amazing. They are modern yet trendy and look so pretty hanging in the bathroom or a towel ladder. You can use the full size towel as a throw so it serves a dual purpose! They come in so many different colors that the possibilities are endless for decorating your home or washrooms!

Photo by: House of Jude

Photo by: House of Jude

Tofino Soap Company

If you want the most amazing smelling candles and bath goodies, look no further! These are by far the best quality, best smelling and overall best looking candles that I have received. There is something about receiving items that are simply great quality. Tofino Soap company items are crafted in small batches so you know that every product you receive will be amazing. When products are created traditionally by hand, quality, pride and care go into them. buying handcrafted & local products creates balance and financial sustainability.

I love that they are devoted to Environmental sustainability & respect. They recycle and repurpose everything possible. Their paper packaging is 70% recycled paper board, uncoated, biodegradable and recyclable. Oh and bonus, they use 100% natural ingredients!

Pictured above: The Waters and Wildflowers collection.

Pictured above: The Waters and Wildflowers collection.

Pudus Socks

These slipper socks are AMAZING! My feet have never been so warm and these socks are so comfy! We have hardwood floors so I love that Ethan can run around without the fear of him slipping and hurting himself. They have fabulous designs and animal friendly, faux-fur fluffy lining. I love the classic plaid design especially during Christmas! (I don’t know if you can tell but we are obsessed with plaid for the holidays!) The best part is that you can get matching ones for your child which looks cute! It gets better, they don’t only carry slipper socks, they now have colourful hats, mittens, snoods, slippers and an ever-growing kids line! They are are a one stop shop for Christmas shopping!


There you have it! I hope this gift guide assists you in shopping local and supporting business that support the community, help the environment and are great quality and affordable!

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