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Born to be Plaid

Born to be Plaid

The mountains are calling, I must grab all of my plaid!

Tally up all of your plaid because winter is here! I used to feel that plaid was only appropriate for Christmas but I the last few years, I have been wearing it during spring, fall and winter. I probably own more plaid than anyone I know but I really love that it never goes out of style. It’s so versatile and can be dressed up or down!

Typically, plaid was usually only found on button down shirts. (you know, the typical red and black one that everyone and their dog owns). But now, it’s trending on all items of clothing. You can suit up entirely in a plaid skirt and top, a plaid blazer two piece set or rock that traditional plaid button down shirt with jeans.


Besides wearing plaid, the one time that I do incorporate A LOT of plaid is during Christmas. I love the look of the traditional black and red colors during the Christmas season. Not only does it make your home colorful but it makes it feel super cozy and comfy! Those of you who follow me on Instagram saw that my home was dressed in plaid ;)

This dress below is one of my favorites for fall/winter. It looks amazing with over the knee boots! It was only $29.99!

See below for my picks on rocking plaid outfits all year round!

Double-breasted Coat


Checked Jacket


Chiffon Dress



49.90 CAD


39.90 CAD


79.90 CAD

Cotton Shirt


Felted Coat


Plaid Pink Skirt - $19.99

Circle Skirt $59.99

Plaid Creped Dress $39.99

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